are based in Saltaire, dancing step clog in a variety of styles - with the emphasis on having a good time doing it!

The club  

was created when the Bradford group Cloggers Row got together with Inclognito from Leeds and since we joined forces in the late 90's we've danced at local fairs, fetes, dances and festivals. We meet every Monday (bank holidays permitting) in the world heritage village of Saltaire in West Yorkshire. We always have a lot of fun and sometimes have a live band who like to encourage new musicians to come and join in.

Our dances  

come mainly from Lancashire, the North East and Lakeland with some from places as far afield as Ireland, America and Canada.
Some of them were learned from original sources like Sam Sherry and Pat Tracey, with others picked up at workshops and courses over the years. We're always ready to learn something new and everyone is welcome to come along and give it a try.

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